How I used BetVictor betfinder to win €63 to a €1 stake on Tuesday

I thought I would share a little feature I found on the BetVictor bookmaker site today, which pretty much dropped a 63/1 horse racing double in my lap.

I'll start by saying €1 horse racing double is more than on the conservative side of betting for me, but I was simply using the feature to write a review on it for the review section of the website. 

I wont go through the entire details of how to use the feature here, you can read all about it, and what filters I used to narrow down the 477 runners on Tuesday to just 2 on the BetVictor user review page. The link will take you to the exact section to save you searching the entire review

Anyway, I used some of the filters, that knock out runners, I chose, 5 star rated runners, who were mid price, and had one at the distance before and it eliminated all but 2 runners on the day. Both were running at Newcastle racecourse, and as the filters determine both were nice prices - 15/2 and 6/1 in the end

How does BetVictor Betfinder Work?

This is a screenshot of the basic betfinder tool. The highlighted sections are the filters that I applied

betvictor betfinder

Once these filters were applied it spat out these two picks

Betvictor Betfinder

As mentioned, both were winners and I collected handsomely for just €1

A little narked as that is a small stake in my normal racing betting but more than happy that things paid off given it was just a test

betfinder winner

Wednesday BetVictor Betfinder Filters

I will certainly be taking another look at it and these are just the 2 that come up for Wednesday

Betvictor have always been a favourite for me for football betting, today, with this little feature, they have jumped up in my estimation for horse racing too!

Betfinder Wednesday