How to become a Football Tipster

These five short but powerful tips will help you become a better Football tipster.

They are very simple on paper but a little trickier to put into practice unless you are serious about making money on Soccer Betting

Take your tipping and football betting to the next level

How to be a football Tipster

Anyone can be a Football Tipster right?


By taking the following points into account when making football tips, you can ensure you are better prepared, researched and placed to be better at predicting the outcome of football matches than anyone you know.
We start with three essential, tangible elements that will put you in the top 95% of Football Tipsters
  • Know more than anyone else
  • Understand the value
  • Keep Betting Records
The final 2 elements are just as essential, but these will put the icing on the cake and ensure you have the very best chance of becoming a great football tipster not to mention ensure you make profit betting on soccer
  • Patience
  • Emotion
The instructions for these tasks are simple and so they should be, but keep each one in check and you will give yourself the best chance of finding winning football bets more often
Let’s get started with what is in effect

The Best Soccer Betting Strategy Ever!

 The best Soccer Betting Strategy
You should specialise at least in one Football league Division, and/or betting market, or perhaps have a combination of both.
You have to know more about your chosen league/s and betting market/s than anyone else you know
It is probably best to stay away from the major football leagues around the world. For instance, in Europe, the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A or Spain’s La Liga are all Leagues that statistics, form and team information are everyday news and accessible to anyone. Not to mention everyone is already looking and betting on these events and thus, the bookmakers tend to have the prices about right thanks to the weight of money that is being placed on the outcomes
Try looking a little further afield for your specialisation. Perhaps Hungarian Division 2 or even a bit closer to home the Irish Premier League or division one.
Learn just as much as you can about these leagues and teams and choose one of the hundreds of markets available to bet on as your approach to betting on it
The chances are the more diverse a football division and the more simple the betting market you choose to specialize in, the better informed you will be than anyone else you know, and if you are lucky, the bookmaker offering the best odds on the event
Then, you will have the edge

How to find a value bet in football 

How to find a value bet in football
It is all very well choosing a top of the English Premier league club to beat a side struggling in the bottom three in the division but as already mentioned, everyone can find out just about every solitary piece of available information about these games and it is very hard to find any value in the prices on these markets
Your value can be found by knowing more about your specialist leagues and teams and understanding when the odds that are being offered are too big
“Value Bets” is a much maligned, and sometimes over-used phrase in betting, but make no mistake, it exists
If you can constantly find value even at low prices you will find the key and the difference between long term profit and loss

How to find the best value in soccer betting
Imagine being able to constantly find a 1.50 bet at a price of 1.65 – You will be getting 10% better odds than the true probability and if aiming for a very reasonable 5% profit in the long term, that 10% added value will be the difference between a 5% loss and a 5% profit
For this purpose, it is also essential to check as many bookmakers as possible to find who is offering the best odds for the outcome of your choice

How to keep football betting records

How to keep betting records
Keeping records of every bet and the profit and loss of them is a MUST!
Betting records can help you build up encyclopedic knowledge about your own betting performance, and with regular analysis you will soon find out what events you are better at predicting and which events you are not.
You can use this information over the long term to make changes to your betting tips and limit your losses and improve your football betting profits
So by making sure you are well informed, know how to identify the value in the best you have researched and ensuring that you record every tip you have made, you are already well on the way to being a better tipster than 95% of the guys operating already out there


The mental approach to football betting

Whilst the three elements above are essential in a tangible approach to finding and making betting tips on football, there are a further two things to consider. Whilst they are not quite as easy to explain, they are the difference between being good at what you want to do, and being the best!!
Winners win, Losers ignore the next two things


How to know when the right time for a bet on football 

The right time to make your tip and share it is when you know you have total confidence in the three steps above. That you have done everything to ensure that you have covered each of those bases off and left no stone unturned in ensuring you are as prepared as you can be to make that football tip.
If you have a single doubt, then just don’t make it – Check and double check and if that negative instinct kicks in, forget it
The brian has a knack of trying to force negative instinct out of your mind
You have spent hours researching these tips and bets and your brain is telling you it will have been a waste of your time to have come this far and not pressed the button
Do not be fooled,
Better to waste time than waste your money – Even worse, the money of those who follow your tips. Firing out a losing tip that you had a doubt about can not only lose you followers, but also affect your confidence, and that is where the next part comes in

How to deal with losing runs in betting 

How to deal with losing streaks in betting
When it comes to being a successful soccer tipster, your emotions are the hardest part to train
  • How do you react when you land a winner?
  • How do you react when you have a loser
  • How do you react when you hit that inevitable losing streak that never seems to end?
The answer to all three of the above is the same
Nothing! No reaction! Nothing at all
You should emotionally react just the same to a winner, a winning streak, a loser or a losing streak in exactly the same way
If you are thinking “hell no, when I have a winner, I’m going to jump on the table and dance” you are not going to make it
A win or a loss is just another transaction to a successful football tipster

The difference between betting and gambling

If you become emotionally attached to your bets you are gambling and we know that gamblers always lose

As a tipster employing the hints and tips in this article you can remain calm and relaxed when choosing your next bet. If you are emotionally charged due to past results, the stresses that you will feel will adversely affect how you choose your next

If your chosen markets and bets are around the betting odds of 2.00, you would expect to have roughly the same amount of winners and losers, indeed, if you have slightly more winners, that’s great.
If you are the type of tipster who likes to provide bigger odds tips, then you will, by the very nature of the game you are playing have more losers than winners – And that’s perfectly acceptable at the odds you are playing and you can still make long term profits
But imagine if you are emotionally reacting in a negative way each time you have a loss – it will affect the way you approach finding the next bet, your confidence will be shot and you may even get pulled into the all too easy “chasing a loss” situation
By the same token, if your adrenalin runs away with itself during a winning streak, you can start imagining invincibility and making rash and overconfident decisions on your next football tips or bets and this will surely end up with the next loser coming along even quicker.
Understanding that each and every bet you make is just a tiny fraction of the overall picture, seeing it simply as just another transaction in the long term plan and not allowing, win or lose, it to affect your mental balance is probably the one thing that will set you apart from 99% of other tipsters and bettors in the field

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