How to Earn Money from your Betting Tips

I'm great at picking sports betting winners, now how do I turn my tips into real money?

We know what it's like. You constantly pick bets and you're pretty good at it but you'd like to get a bit more buck for your betting tips. You see lots of tipsters on the internet, facebook, and twitter and wonder if they can do it, can I too?

It's not easy, indeed, to create a great twitter or facebook account takes endless hours, too many hours in fact to get any return, so here at OLBG can let you know that there is an easier way to become a 'paid' tipster, or more specifically, how to earn real money for sharing your tips

Here we run through first the three simple steps that you have to consider to become a successful tipster and how to make money - Then before we finish the article, we will show you how easy it is to make your tips and get them to as many people as possible and how to turn those tips into cash, for special treats, saving or even maybe a car or a holiday

We can show you how to:
  • Earn Money from your betting tips
  • Become a Football Tipster
  • Become a Horse Racing Tips
  • Become a Sports Betting Tipster

The Simple 3 Step Guide

There are three factors to being able to make money from providing betting tips and being a tipster and the hardest thing may not be what you think it is. They get more difficult as you move through
  1.  Be consistent
  2.  Be Good at picking winning bets
  3.  Get as many people as possible to know how good you are
So let's go through these steps one by one and show you just how quick and easy it is, to share your tips, and get as many people to see them as possible and finally how to make that all important cash for them

Consistent tips - preferably daily

When people are looking for tips, they usually like to bet at least once a week at the weekend - With the advent of mobile online betting many more people are making bets and looking for tipsters tips on a daily basis.

Whichever type of paid tipster you want to be, whatever you do, make sure you are making tips on a regular basis. Daily is preferable as you may well have someone wanting your tips each week but during the week when you don't tip, they may be looking elsewhere and latch on to a different tipster and not come back to you.

There is horse racing almost every single day of the year and when it comes to football there will be a competitive match happening somewhere in the world each and every day with a love betting market on it.

Make your tips available daily and get your followers into the habit of checking out your tips every day

Make Winning Tips

This sounds a bit obvious but of course, if you were to make lots of tips every day and they were all losing, you wouldn't get many followers you wouldn't be providing a profit from the tips and it would very difficult to turn your betting tips into cash

If you don't already know what sports or markets you are the best at finding winning tips in, record every tip you make and analyse the results to see which sport you are most frequently picking winners in, and making a profit to level stakes from

Level Stakes profit or LSP, is making a 1pt bet on each tip and the total of profit or loss that is returned over a period of time

A little later down the page we will show you the easy way to record all of your tips and be able to see which sports you are the best at tipping in - Also how to see a graph of how many tips you make each month, your running profit, and your return on investment

Return on Investment or ROI is the profit or loss you have made in percentage terms over the actual stakes used - Again, we can show you a little later how this is very easily done and displayed for all to see

Many people looking for tips will be looking for ROI before number of tips, strike rate or level stakes profit - Many believe it is the real proof of a good tipster

So step 2 is to make sufficient winning tips, a level Stakes profit and good Return on investment with your betting tips

Another Step closer to making money for betting tips - We'll get to the money in a moment - Read On...

Now to the hardest part of becoming a paid tipster

Get a huge audience for your winning and profitable tips

This is by far the hardest part of making money from betting tips - usually, there is a huge cost involved in advertising anything that you want to make money from. 
  • Trying to get a good search result in google costs enormous time and money
  • Advertising costs in a truly packed market often use up much of the money you can make, even if people do see your advert
  • Social Media is jam packed full of people trying to do the same thing, how do you cut through and be seen?

Fortunately for you, you are reading this article in the right place. You've landed on one of the most widely read and visited sites in the sports betting community - OLBG have thousands of visitors every day looking for what you have - Betting Tips

By publishing your tips on OLBG every day not only can you appear on the most popular sports betting tips site on the internet, but you will also benefit from the huge amounts of money WE spend on advertising and promoting the tipsters on site.

We publish selected tipsters and tips on our social media channels to 100,000's of people every day, so you can be sure, if you are a tipster who provides winning tips & profit your tips will be seen!!

So I make winning tips, and I am being seen by hundreds of people every day - How do I turn that into cash?

This is the good part

To make money from your tips, let's go back to Steps 1 & 2

Be consistent and make winning tips

You can publish your tips on a whole range of sports on OLBG and earn money for them - The more consistent at making profitable tips, the more you can earn every month

It will cost you nothing to place your tips on OLBG and the rewards can be amazing!!

We have almost £200,000 to give away every year on our websites for great betting tipsters who can show consistency and profit to the thousands over people looking for tips every day

Everything is free 

  • Free to add you tips
  • Free to view the tips

There are no restrictions and each month we award this money to the best tipsters like you who place their tips for people to see on OLBG

So how do I start making money and how long will it take?

If you are good - BY THE END OF THIS MONTH!!

This easy guide will show you how you can get started straight away, start tipping today and get your first payment this month! We have tipsters receiving €100's every month on OLBG, just for making betting tips!!

You can be set up within the next 5 minutes and ready to start collecting cash for YOUR tips!

Get started in just 5 minutes by clicking here 

With just a few clicks you will have placed your first tip which will be seen by hundreds of people. More importantly, if it is a winning tip, you will have taken the first step to making money for your betting tips.

Every tip you make and publish on OLBG is saved and you can check your record at any time to see how you are performing.

You can check your tips performance for football, horseracing, any sport that you tip on - and there is a handy graph for a visual view of your success.

The view of your records can be seen by sport, by month, by the number of tips you have made, by your level stakes profit, and by your Return on Investment.

As the days, weeks and months pass by, proof of your tipping success builds and you can see how you compare with other tipsters over the current month, or the past 6 or 12 month periods.

That's how you can make money from your betting tips.
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