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What is a Rolling Acca or Bank Building Challenge?

The Rolling Acca or €10-€1000 challenge bet is something that has become very popular in recent years in football betting but is not a new concept, nor is it limited to football betting only.

How can I turn €10 into €1000 using betting?

Not easily is the honest answer, although the rolling acca or bank building challenge presents itself as a bite size football betting strategy to make it easier

You may think picking a very short priced favourite to win is an easy task, and indeed it can be. Did you know picking 14 winners at 1/2 (Decimal 1.50), and would turn €10 into €2919

In theory, you could take €10 and by choosing just one odds on winner per day for 2 weeks end up with nearly €3000

Each day is as hard as any other and each day, if successful, the returns get larger and larger. Although you would be risking a huge amount of money by the 12th and 13th bets to achieve the challenge

Here is the breakdown of the bet, which is in effect simply an accumulator bet spread out of several days

How a Rolling Acca works

  • Bet 1 - €10 at 1.50 returns €15
  • Bet 2 - €15 at 1.50 returns €22.50
  • Bet 3 - €22.50 at 1.50 returns  €33.75
  • Bet 4 - €33.75 at 1.50 returns €50.62
  • Bet 5 - €50.62 at 1.50 returns €75.93
  • Bet6 - €75.93 at 1.50 returns €113.90
  • Bet 7 - €113.90 at 1.50 returns €170.85

So you see that even after 7 bets, the initial €10 has increased to €170.85, €160 or profit!!

You can choose when to stop this bet yourself but if you feel like to continue, you have to realise, that whilst you may have only spent €10 initially to make this bet, you know have €170 which is your and you can walk away with. Some people like to take a portion of the profit and continue with what is left but if you did carry on, it would look like this
  • Bet 8 - €170.85 at 1.50 returns €256.28
  • Bet 9 - €256.28 at 1.50 returns €384.43
  • Bet 10 €384.43 at 1.50 returns €576.65

10 bets in and you have now nearly €600 profit - What would you do? You can see that you are now making huge bets at stakes you probably would never have previously thought of making

Whether you continue to bet all that profit or not is up to you. Think of what you could buy with that money, and remember, every time you bet you are risking every penny of it, including your initial €10 stake



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