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More than One Account?
Account Deleted?
Why do you need My Email?
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Membership / Login

I've  forgotten  my username / password?
Can I change my username?
How do I change my email?
How do I change my password?
How do I delete my account?
How do I stop receiving emails?
How do I login  to the tipster competition?
I've  been asked to re-confirm my email?

Making Tips

Can I edit my tips?
How do I make a tip?
My Tips have disappeared?
Can I make multiple bets in the tipster comp?
I've made a mistake in a tip?

Competition Rules

Why has my bank changed?
I've found an error in the competition?
How does the  the competition  work?
Qualifying for Individual Prizes?
I think someone is cheating?
Other Terms?

Tip Settlement

I think my tips have been processed incorrectly?
My tips  haven't  been settled yet?
When are the Tables Updated?
Do I get my money back on a non-runner?
A player I backed to score first  didn't  play?
A player I tipped  didn't  start the tournament?
A match I tipped on  wasn't  completed?
What happens if I back an event in a future month?
How are tips settled?
When are tips settled?


What are the Prizes?
Did I win a Prize?
How do I claim a Payment?
Where's my money?
I thought I should get a prize but didn't ?  

Didn't Receive Welcome Email?

The email system is working fine but a few people especially those on AOL sometimes have problems. Check spam filters, spam boxes, or anything else that might be blocking mail from new sources. If that fails try a different email address. If you haven't received the welcome email and clicked the link then if you try to login with your correct username and password you will be given options to both:
a) resend the welcome email
b) reset your email, which will then allow you to choose a new email address

Account Suspended?

Most suspensions occur because a tipster's details appear very similar to those of another tipster so we like to clarify that these are in fact, 2 different people. Once this is resolved to our satisfaction then the account is normally reinstated.

More than One Account?

Sorry - to make the competition as fair as possible each person is only allowed one account and you are not allowed to cancel and set up a new one if things go badly. Also, you are not allowed to cancel your account and start again as this makes a mockery of players historical profits, messes up alerts & is confusing for other users.

Account Deleted?

To keep the site running fast we do periodically delete inactive accounts. Any account where you haven't logged for over 3 months will be mailed twice to confirm you still want it, after which it is deleted if you do not respond. Having a reliable email is also key - if we try to contact you and the email bounces you have 30 days to login (where you will be prompted to set a new email) before your account is deleted.

Why do you need My Email?

We need your email for a few things:
1. Every month we send out an email with site news, extra competitions and exclusive offers we have arranged for you. 
2. There are various alerts you can set up if you like for tips, free bets, special competitions etc. You are in complete control of these so you can completely stop them at any time just by logging in and changing your preferences in the "My Emails"section of the member's area. 
3. Within the forum, there is a private message system and various alerts to let you track if people make posts to threads etc. Your email is used for these alerts and alerts on when you get new messages. Again though you can choose not to get these (and this is the default option). 
4. If you don't use your account we need to be able to contact you to make sure you still want it, as we like to delete inactive accounts as it helps the site run quicker. 

Can I just register with the forum?

When you register you are automatically registered with the tipster competition and the forum. Once your registered you can then use and not use what you like. 
HOWEVER, we do periodically clear out "dead" accounts, and one way we identify these are accounts that have never made a tip or a forum post. So we do recommend you make 1 tip and one forum post so you don't show up in those reports.

Can I just register for Alerts?

Yes, you can.
HOWEVER, we do periodically clear out "dead" accounts, and one way we identify these are accounts that have never made a tip or a forum post. So we do recommend you make 1 tip and one forum post so you don't show up in those reports and also log into OLBG at least once a month.



I've forgotten my username / password?

Try to login. If it fails then you will be taken to a page where you can request your welcome email (with your username and password) is sent again. You just need your email address to get it.
If you can't remember your email then try to find any emails or alerts from OLBG - these will be addressed to your email. If all else fails please contact us with your username and we will try to help.

Can I change my username?

Given that people follow each other's tips and forum posts & we have the alerts system it would get too confusing if we allowed people to change their username.

How do I change my email?

Login to and go to the Members Area using the top menu.
Select "My Info" from the left menu. 
If you do change your email then you will need to reconfirm it by clicking on the link in the message that we send to your new email address so please take care to give a correct and reliable email address.

How do I change my password?

Login and go to the member's area.
Select "My Info" from the menu. There you will be able to change many of your account settings.

How do I delete my account?

Login and go the Members area.
Select "My Status" from the menu in the logged in Members Area.
On the Bottom Right under the Real Money unit the last line "You can delete your OLBG account by clicking here" is where you can delete your account from. 
Be warned that once you do delete your account you will not be able to open another account for 12 months. There are strictly no exceptions to this.

How do I stop receiving emails?

Most of the emails can be stopped by logging into the Members area and selecting "My Emails" from the left menu.
For tip related emails you need to turn off each alert manually. You can do this from the member's area by selecting "Tipster Alerts" and "Hot Tip Alerts" from the left menu.

What are the alerts?

There are a number of different alerts - all free of course. The main ones are "Tipster Alerts" which allow you to follow the tips of a specific member, and "Hot Tip Alerts" which allow you to be notified when a lot of members are picking the same result. Both of these are very configurable and can be accessed from the left menu in the member's area.

How do I login to the tipster competition?

Click on the orange login button on the top.

I've been asked to re-confirm my email?

If we try to contact you and the email bounces you will be prompted to set a new email next time you login. We will then email you at that new email address and like when you joined, you will have to click on a link in the email to reverify your account. If you fail to do this within 30 days then your account will be deleted



Can I edit my tips?

We don't allow editing of tips so you need to be careful when making your selections like you would with a real bet with a bookmaker. The reasons for not allowing editing is that it can cause many complications not least that people who follow your tips or get alerts may end up following your old selection. There's more discussion in This Forum Thread

How do I make a tip?

After login in go to the Members Area under it click on "Make A Tip".
Select a sport/league from the left menu to bring up the tip making page
Here you need to choose the Event, Market, Selection, Stake, Bet Type and then click "Confirm Tip".
Finally, click confirm on the confirmation Popup that appears's after you are sure the details are correct and you understand what returns you will get. 
You can also post your tips on Facebook or Twitter by clicking the checkboxes below the Confirm Tip Button.

My Tips have disappeared?

Only future tips appear on your "Current Tips" page in the member's area. To see tips from yesterday or before click on the Tips History under the My Public Info on the Left Menu Of the Members Area.

Can I make multiple bets in the tipster comp?

No, we don't have the facility for making multiple bets in the tipster competition. The main reason is that it can make the competition more about luck and can also kill the competition in months where someone wins very big at the start of the month. 
We like the competition to be more about long term consistency and sharing your best tips and we wish to discourage people making desperate tips at the end of the month to try to get into the prize money 
The exceptions to this rule are that you can make a winning tip an each way tip and a lay tip on each horse race. 
For golf tournaments, you can tip a maximum of one player to win only and up to 4 further players each way.

I've made a mistake in a tip?

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to make changes to your tips for you. We have 1000s of members and as a free competition we don't have lots of staff sitting around with nothing else to do



Why has my bank changed?

Your virtual bank is reset to 1000 at the start of every month. It is also increased by 100 every day so you will always have some funds to play with. Also obviously your bank will change when you make tips, and when they are settled if you have some winnings.

I've found an error in the competition?

Please tell us immediately. Please do not make any bets that exploit any errors in the competition as we reserve the right to mark them as losers irrespective of the result or even disqualify you from the competition

How does the the competition work?

At the start of the month, you are given a bank of virtual money to make virtual bets ("tips") with. Your objective is to make the most profit during the month. Which events form part of the competition and the timing of their availability is at the discretion of OLBG. 
Typically we will aim to include:
1. Irish horse racing meetings 
2. Various Soccer Leagues and Tournaments
3. Selected International football matches. 
4. Most major Tennis tournaments. 
5. Selected other events for GAA, Rugby and more
At the beginning of every month, your bank will be reset to 1000 so as to give all players roughly equal opportunity for the forthcoming month (subject to open bets carried over). Every day you will be credited with an additional 100. All bets must be between 50 and 500. 
At the end of the month, any open bets up to a limit of 1000 (shown as your "Antepost Tips Value" on "My Status") will be carried over "for free" such that you can have both 1000 and a certain amount of open bets at the beginning of a month. 
Profits/Losses from these open bets will impact on the month in which they are settled.

Qualifying for Individual Prizes?

1. Prizes are only awarded to Active Tipsters = someone who have placed at least 5 tips in the month. 
3. For profit prizes, you must have made a level stakes profit in that category to qualify. If you finish in the prize list without making a profit then you do not qualify for a prize. 
You can see prizes you are close to winning in the "My Performance" section of the member's area.
4. Competition tables and prizes are based on Level Stakes Profit, often referred to as LSP - This is the equivalent of staking 1 point per tip. Eg, a losing tip will score -1.00pt, A winner at 1.50 Decimal odds will be +0.50pts profit, or 3.50 Decimal odds, would be +2.50pts profit. (Virtual Money Stakes have no bearing on LSP)

I think someone is cheating?

Please report it to us along with any evidence you have. We try very hard to run a fair competition but it is difficult for us to completely stop this.


1. Only one entry per household (except by special agreement with us). In the case of multiple entries only the first active account qualifies for prizes and other tipster logins will be deleted.
2. Any cheating will mean ineligibility for the prize money and potentially cancellation of your account. This includes running multiple accounts, placing tips after the event, inflating odds or any other activity we deem unsportsmanlike. Individual tips may be voided or marked as losers at our discretion irrespective of the result. 
3.An account suspended for cheating will forfeit any real money accrued but unclaimed . 
4. Determination of what we consider to be cheating is at our sole discretion.

Other Terms?

1. Rules are subject to change at our discretion. Updates will be posted on this page.

2. By signing up to the competition you consent to us emailing you on a periodic basis (typically monthly) with news of the site and the tipster competition.

3. By taking part in the competition you agree to the rules and terms above.



I think my tips have been processed incorrectly?

PLEASE NOTE that the profit/loss column on your tips history page does not include your stake return. It is just the profit or loss after your stake has been deducted. So a 100 winning tip at 2/1 will show a 200 profit in this column and NOT a 300 return. 
If you feel that a tip has been processed incorrectly please report this to us. All complaints must include: 
1. the exact details of your tip (if you click on a tip in your tip history you'll see the full details) 
2. a link to a reputable source for the correct result 
Please be sure to verify your claims carefully as we reserve the right to disqualify you from the current month's competition prizes for making incorrect claims. 
You should also be sure that you fully understand:
1. which event you have bet on (can be confusing for baseball matches in particular)
2. how the bet payout works (can be confusing for Asian Handicaps and EW bets)
3. That you have read this help page 
Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page

My tips haven't been settled yet?

While we are trying to settle tips around the clock we don't guarantee to settle a tip until 12pm the day after the result is known. In the case of a match at 1am on the 10th, this would mean settlement by 12pm on the 11th at the latest. We do try to do them sooner, though!

When are the Tables Updated?

The tipster tables are only updated daily so if you've had a big win then please allow 24 hours for that to show up in any of the tables. Even if your tips are showing as settled that doesn't mean it has updated the tables.
Tables typically update at between 10am and 12pm each day although it can vary but the date they were updated is shown in the information above the table

Do I get my money back on a non-runner?

For daily horse racing then yes you will. For ante-post racing then, like with the bookies, a non-runner will be settled as a loser. This applies to all ante-post racing markets even if some bookies might be offering a non-runner no bet concession - unfortunately, we cant

A player I backed to score first didn't play?

If you tip a player to score first but they never get on the pitch then we mark these are losers as its too complex to introduce an effective non-runner system for the hundreds of matches we process every day.

A player I tipped didn't start the tournament?

If you back a player in a tournament/race (e.g. Cricket, Golf, tennis, F1 race, etc) and they don't take part then the bet is a loser in the same way as an AntePost racing bet would be. While bookies may treat this differently it is too onerous for us to keep track of who does and doesn't take part in every event. We suggest you confirm a player will take part before you select him/her.

A match I tipped on wasn't completed?

Where a match is not played to a conclusion all tips will be voided even if an official result has been declared. This includes tennis matches where there are retirements

What happens if I back an event in a future month?

If you make an Antepost bet then the stake comes out when you make the bet, and the returns and profit/loss are credited to you in the month that the result is known.

How are tips settled?

Most tips are settled in the same way as they would be with a normal bookmaker. There are however a few exceptions regarding non-participating players. 
Results of tips will wherever possible be updated daily on the day following the match/race. We will endeavour to ensure that results are processed promptly and winnings are credited to "banks" to allow sufficient time to reinvest these winnings prior to monthly resets, however, this cannot be guaranteed, and any failures on our part in this respect are just bad luck. 
Tips are void if the race is not run or there is no official result - this will result in a refund of your tip stake. From time to time results may be processed inaccurately. Where this happens we will do our best to correct such errors when we are made aware of them, but we regret that we cannot always guarantee that this will be possible. 
Disputes and concerns should be emailed to us and we will endeavour to sort the matter out in the fairest way possible. However, our decision is final. 

When are tips settled?

We only guarantee that tips will be settled by 12pm on the day following the end of the event. This means a tip on a match that finished at 3am on Friday may not be settled until 12pm Saturday. We are gradually moving to a more automated round the clock tip settlement system. Losing tips on tournaments are settled at the end of the tournament when the entire events tips are settled in one go (as happens typically with real bookies)



What are the Prizes?

The full schedule of prizes (from 1 December 2016) can be found here 
Tipsters can (and in many cases probably will) win more than one prize. For example, it is particularly likely that the overall winner may get another prize. Prizes will be credited to your "Real Cash" balance at the end of every month. Where there are tied positions for 1st, 2nd or 3rd the prize money will be split at our discretion on an equitable basis. 
No tipster can earn a prize if they made a loss in the month no matter where they finish.

Did I win a Prize?

Every month on the first of the month we publish the result of last month in the OLBG Help forum. This will normally be announced between 11am and 3pm on the 1st of the month, but please don't chase us about this until the 2nd. A list of the previous month's winners is also available on the winner's page

How do I claim a Payment?

If your balance is €10 or more you can claim a prize by going to your profile page and hitting the Claim now button
We pay PayPal or Moneybookers for €10 or more.
Please allow up to 30 days for payment and note that due to the large volume of prizes and payments we typically will only make one payment run per month.

Where's my money?

Prizes will be credited to your "Real Cash" balance at the end of every month. 
Moneybookers or Paypal transfers will be issued on application each month to any player having a total balance of €10 or more.
Balances below €10 are carried forward indefinitely. Please allow 30 days to receive payment.

I thought I should get a prize but didn't?

Don't forget that league tables on the last day of the month don't include the final day's tips. Hence its the results after those tips have processed that count. 
Some people do make "all or nothing" type bets on the last day and this can lead to some changes in the rankings. 

Also, note that if you did not make sufficient tips or you made a loss then you will not qualify for a prize.

Our systems also check for comment quality before awarding prizes at the end of the month. Comments which have been blatently copied and pasted from other sources will be removed, as will dupliacte comments for different markets within the same event - Please ensure, neither copied commets or duplicate comments on the same event are not present, as you may find that your final table position will alter when the end of month prizes are awarded.